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Zestra Product Review

About Zestra

There are thousands of women in the world who encounter the problem of sexual stimulation or lack sexual satisfaction during intercourse. There are also chances that you may meet similar women during your lifetime.

Zestra is botanical feminine libido enhancement massage oil that is prepared with the aim to intensify sexual enjoyment and increase arousal in women after it is messaged in the vulva. This product improves affection sexual interest and excitement, and you are aroused easily after you use it directly in the clitoris, labia and vagina.

Zestra has undergone significant expansion since 1997 and was designed by pharmaceutical professional and sexual medicine specialist that aims to enhance sexual enjoyment for women. This oil starts working within few minutes after it is applied and the effect lasts for a long time for majority of women.

There have been serious doubt about the ability of this product and some safety concerns to follow as well. The fact that Zestra doesn't mix with latex condoms has also sparked some debate about the usage of this product.

Review of Zestra

Zestra helps to improve female libido and their capability to get aroused and enjoy sex:

  • It is a message oil that improves sexual sensation, stimulation and enjoyment in women.
  • It is helpful for women who encounter signs of menopause and women suffering from harmful sexual effects by taking many common medicines like birth control pills and antidepressants.
  • It does not create irritation, the significance is that it does not improve blood flow to the genital area by just slightly irritating the outer layer of the vagina similar to how peppermint work. It increases sexual stimulation by improving the natural lubrication.
  • It is a natural product and not a synthetically produced substance.
  • It can assist to ease sexual dysfunction crisis in women by helping to relieve the symptoms like lack of sexual excitement, incapability to become aroused, and fail to reach orgasm and feel pain during sex.

Compounds found in Zestra – Ingredient List

This message oil contains real bio-active compounds like Coleus extract, Borage seed oil, Angelica root extract, vitamin C, evening Primrose oil, and E and natural aroma. In contrast to other female libido enhancement supplements, Zestra does not have menthol or artificial elements that can badly irritate the vaginal area. Additionally, as compared to other supplements, it does not have L-Arginine that has the possibility of producing genital herpes epidemic in women who previously had the infection.

The natural compounds in Zestra, are combined together to help expand blood flow in the female genital and improve proper lubrication. However, this product does not propose to direct, cure, or check any illness. It just aims to assist women who find it difficult to attain orgasm or enjoy sexual pleasure to reach orgasm and enjoy sex effortlessly.

Concluding Statement - Should Women Buy Zestra

Zestra is effective for women who lack sexual interest and desire and want a product that can help her get aroused and gain intense sexual satisfaction. Our review of Zestra with its herbal compounds noted it produced a pleasurable slippery sensation in your vagina and thus increase your pleasure during sexual intercourse. This product helps both you and your partner to enjoy sex more by exciting you and in the process exciting your partner as well.

Written by:
Cynthia Smorell

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