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LibiGel Product Review

About LibiGel by BioSante

This is a gel form of testosterone that gets absorbed instantly by the body through the skin. This gel has to be applied one time every day on the upper arm, releasing testosterone to the blood uniformly with time in a non-invasive method and without pain.

Although usually testosterone is considered as a male hormone, this hormone is also there in women and studies have shown that its insufficiency reduces female sexual drive. Other than improving sexual longings and participation and reducing concern and improving confidence of her ability to enjoy sex, it is found that testosterone treatment can improve bone thickness, heighten vitality and boost mood swing.

The development of LibiGel by BioSante

LibiGel is the most recent product for hormone treatment produced by the bid pharmaceutical company BioSante. In order to do a review of LibiGel by BioSante they have being tested for approval by the Food and Drug Administration. There have been some other products that have tried to succeed in providing medical treatment to improve female sex drive but not a single product could go through clinical tests because of having many harmful side effects or not providing adequate usefulness to be used for public medication. Until now, LibiGel by BioSante is found to be helpful featuring more than 200% advantages in clinical research and reports are testifying that no undesirable side effects has been discovered.

LibiGe by BioSante has undergone Phase I and Phase II clinical tests and the phase III is in process. They have to get the final approval from the Food and Drug Administration and then they can release the product in the market.

In Phase II of clinical testing of LibiGel by BioSante, it is found that its effective dose produces normal level of testosterone for pre-menopausal women, and has given safety testimony similar to the placebo group. Furthermore, no serious side effects can be seen in any of the women who were given the product.

The Phase II Clinical trial included a double-blind, placebo-regulated experiment, that was carried out in the United State in menopausal women undergone surgery and who encountered lack of sexual excitement and interest and outcome is that there was a major improvement in their sexual lifestyle.

During Phase III of Clinical trial, the Food and Drug Administration came to an understanding with BioSante about a Special Protocol Assessment meant for the Phase III safety and efficiency clinical evaluation of LibiGel by BioSante in curing hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

The Phase III safety and efficiency evaluation have started, and it includes placebo-controlled, double-blind tests, in about 500 menopausal women who had surgery and who had undergone medication for 6 months.

Concluding Statement – Should Women Buy Prescription Libigel

The LibiGel by BioSante development program is created to reveal that the product can increase sexual excitement and intensify sexual fulfilment in women and reduce grief connected with low sexual desire in those facing Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder without any harmful effects. LibiGel by BioSante has carried out three phases of clinical examination and expect to get approved by FDA. It is apparent that the safety test will decide when the new drug will be released in the market. For now we'll have to stick with natural female sexual supplements.

Written by:
Cynthia Smorell

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