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Testosterone Treatment – The Choice of Treatment for FSD and HSDD

Not being able to have sex can be pretty much frustrating especially for a woman who has an active sex life with her partner. Conditions such as female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) are the main culprits causing strains on relationships if not addressed to immediately and properly.

A lot of women have been plagued by female sexual dysfunction with the hopes of finding an effective treatment that will not require expensive costs and harmful side effects. That search for an effective treatment is now answered by LibiGel, a testosterone gel that was developed by BioSante. LibiGel is designed to do two things and these are to improve the sexual desires of women who are suffering from FSD and HSDD as well as to relieve them of the distress that are brought about by their current conditions. This can be a great approach or a nightmare depending on the patients background, medical history, and desired outcome.

How Does BioSante Make it Work?

A question often asked about the hormone therapy is that how can it possibly treat female sexual dysfunction or hypoactive sexual desire when testosterone is a hormone that is known to exist in men? Actually, testosterone is present in both genders, but the difference lies in the amount of hormone that is present in each of them. Testosterone is indeed a predominant hormone in males while in women, it is only in little amounts. However, when the level is decreased in women, it will lead to the two disorders that are abovementioned. LibiGel then is designed to replace the lacking amounts of testosterone in the woman so that she can improve her sexual desires.

Testosterone therapy is a painless treatment method for FSD and HDD. In a gel form, this is applied in the upper arm skin topically. After the application, hormone replacement therapy will be absorbed by the skin and then will later on be released into the blood stream, and then the entire body over a 24-hour period. Afterwards, the woman will then be experiencing the effects of LibiGel, since she is able to be aroused and the other symptoms of the disorders are addressed to.

Have There Been Clinical Trials? Is it Safe?

LibiGel is a new branded form of hormone replacement therapy thought to be generally safe for use and after several clinical trials, there have been no identified side effects of the treatment. However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken. The use of LibiGel may not be entirely testosterone therapy but because this treatment method involves the said hormone, then you should be aware of the side effects of testosterone therapy. These are anger and hostility, shrinkage of the breasts, presence of acne and oily skin, and irregular menstrual periods. Further, there are people who are not advised to go through the therapy particularly the ones who do not want to get pregnant, those who have heart and liver diseases and those have breast or uterine cancer. Testosterone therapy is contraindicated in these people, so the use of LibiGel is not recommended.

Since the launch of HRTs they have gained the trust of several customers being one of the most effective products in treating FSD and HSDD. While these two disorders have been bugging women all throughout the world, treatment is now possible with the help of LibiGel.

Written by:
Cynthia Smorell

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