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Generic Libigel: A Promise to Increased Libido

When sex does not seem to have the appeal for you and it happens consistently, then you might have to consider taking treatments, particularly generic Libigel. The decrease in sex drive can be frustrating and even if you want to have sex, your body is not just cooperating. While your partner can be considerate of your situation, it can cause stress on your relationship, especially on your part since you are the one who is directly affected by the disorder.

Generic LibiGel is a testosterone tablet that is known for its effectiveness in treating the decrease of libido such as in female sexual dysfunction and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. You might be wondering what testosterone has got to do with females, since it is a hormone that is produced by males. Actually, this hormone is produced in both male and female, but only little amounts in women. Testosterone in women is primarily responsible for libido, so when it is decreased, then libido is also decreased. This then is addressed by the generic LibiGel. By providing the lacking amount of testosterone in females, LibiGel will help in increasing sexual drive.

When will Doctors prescribe LibiGel generics?

The use of generic LibiGel is particularly easy, not requiring comprehensive and complicated instructions. All that you need to do is to apply a little amount of LibiGel on the skin of your upper arm. After application, this will be absorbed by the skin and the blood vessels. Once released into the blood stream, this will immediately work, increasing the sexual desire of a woman suffering from low libido. This is applied once a day, and is a better choice of treatment instead of creams and patches that were used previously.

Despite having problems with their sexual drives, most women tend to waive off receiving treatments because of the side effects of the medications. Their fears are indeed realistic since medication therapy comes with adverse effects and side effects that are uncomfortable to most women. Hormone therapy for example will lead to having constant headaches, acne, weight gain and other physical symptoms. For the generic LibiGel, clinical studies have reported that there are no side effects of this treatment. However, testosterone therapy requires some precautions that a user of generic LibiGel should also observe since this treatment involves the said hormone. People who are suffering from liver and heart diseases as well as cancers should refrain from using generic LibiGel since it can lead to the severity of your disease. Meanwhile, testosterone therapy also leads to shrinkage of the breasts and alopecia in males, oily skin and acne, hoarseness of voice and irregular menstrual patterns. However, studies that were conducted in testing the generic LibiGel found no similar side effects, but it also pays to be careful.

How well does it work in treating FSD and HSDD?

Regarding the effectiveness of generic LibiGel, women who have been using this treatment method reported that during their treatment period, they have experienced a 200% increase in their sex drive. They are now enjoying the sexual pleasure that they have achieved with the help of generic LibiGel. And of course, it also enhanced their sexual relationships with their partners.

If you want to be one of those countless women who are enjoying the effects of LibiGel, then you should also start the treatment too. But should you wish to consult your physician, ask him if it is okay for you to undergo a generic LibiGel therapy.

Written by:
Cynthia Smorell

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